President Ilham Aliyev:The sector of information and communication technologies is developing very fast and has a great future.



  •  Workshop on “Open Government Data: Using Data for Transparency, Accountability and Collaboration in Azerbaijan” was conducted with the aim to enhance knowledge about the possibilities of Open Government Data in the Republic of Azerbaijan. This approach offers the chance to improve transparency and accountability of government activities;
  • Assistance in close cooperation with the MOCHT to develop an Open Government Partnership Action Plan for the years 2012-2015 that contains essential measures to facilitate access to information and government data. It aims to enable citizens both to be involved via ICT tools to state policy issues and decision-making processes, and to be closely familiarized with the working principles of the government such as areas where taxes are spend and decision-making procedures;
  • Defining and discussing perspectives for e-Participation in the country, identifying chances for active citizen participation through E-Government services.
  • The Project considerably contributed to the global development of the internet and significantly develop cooperation between the international ICT society and the Republic of Azerbaijan;
  • Opportunities for the youth in the ICT Network; Internet Governance: New challenges, opportunities and risks; e-Services in Azerbaijan; Problems that vulnerable people come across in the information society; and Cyber security related topics were discussed during the events;
  • The representatives of Government of Azerbaijan and other foreign countries, business representatives, academic institutions and members of civil society got together to discuss current issues related to the Internet;
  • Engaging cooperation between government bodies, the private sector and civil society in order to ensure that ICT infrastructure is used in a citizen friendly way. The project is a coordination point to manage and facilitate this dialogue.