Prezident İlham Əliyev:İnformasiya və kommunikasiya texnologiyalari sahəsi sürətlə inkişaf edir və parlaq gələcəyə malikdir.

Azerbaijani delegation participates in 9th Meeting of Internet Governance Forum in Istanbul

The delegation of Azerbaijan headed by Mr Elmir Velizade, Deputy Minister of Communications and High Technologies and encompassing the staff members of the Ministry of Communications and High Technologies of the Republic of Azerbaijan and "Modernization of Sustainability and Efficiency of ICT infrastructure and ICT services in the Republic of Azerbaijan" project attended the 9th Meeting of Internet Governance Forum on "Connecting continents for enhanced multi-stakeholder internet governance" held in Istanbul, Turkey.

It should be noted that Mr. Velizade made a speech during the High Level Leaders Meeting and Opening Ceremony on behalf of the previous IGF host country. In his speech, Mr. Velizade has informed conference participants that ICT is a one of the priority fields for development in Azerbaijan. Deputy Minister has also underlined significant ICT projects currently realized in Azerbaijan. He has also stressed that the development of ICT sector in Azerbaijan is considered as one of the main priorities for the country, and informed the participants about the work done in this field. Noting the country’s achievements in this sector after IGF-Baku meeting, Mr. Velizade spoke about the launch of the country’s first telecommunications satellite into orbit, establishment of the State Fund for the Development of Information Technologies, High-Park, and opening of the University of Information Technologies in the country .

Generally, during the event days Azerbaijani delegation held bilateral meetings with officials of USA, UK, Japan, Brazil, Germany, Russia, representatives of international and public organizations. Current state of ICT sphere and cooperation opportunities were discussed at the meetings as well.

Also it worth to mentioned that the booth of Azerbaijan at the IGF Village that is the showcase of selective stakeholders has attracted sincere interest of IGF participants via various materials and videos regarding the ICT projects realized in Azerbaijan.